Thursday, April 16, 2009


PhotobucketLook! They both wear glasses. They must have a lot in common.

Actor-director Woody Allen filed a lawsuit against American Apparel owner-slash-creepazoid, Dov Charney, for using an image of him without his consent. The image was a still taken from Allen's Oscar-winning film, Annie Hall, and showed him dressed as a Hasidic Jew with a long beard and black hat and Yiddish text with the words "American Apparel" on a billboard in L.A.

Now, as the early stages of the case take place, Allen has complained that Charney and his lawyers are asking for too much personal information, including court records pertaining to his seperation from ex-wife Mia Farrow who accused Allen of sexual relations with their adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, whom Allen married years later.

Allen has stated that the American Apparel ads "have a sleazy quality to them" and were "not classy," therefore, he would never choose to voluntarily endorse their product no matter how much money was involved. But to add more fuel to the fire, Charney's camp is out to intimidate Allen by delving into his sexual past. Ding, ding! Round three?

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