Monday, March 26, 2007

Serge Gainsbourg 'Lemon Incest' indeed.

I think Charlotte Gainsbourg is absolutely adorable and I was absolutely surprised to see this video. I did not know that she had such a "close" relationship with her father Serge Gainsbourg. I don't think that they may have had any "relations" but by the looks of the video, I can definitely see why it stirred so much speculation and controversy.


Another video for Peter Bjorn & John 'Young Folks'...

Peter Bjorn & John 'Let's Call It Off' but don't...

You may or may not know, but I'm kind'a anti-youtube. The main reason being the quality.
However, this song/band is just waaaaay too good to pass up.

Here is my new fave band, Peter Bjorn & John with 'Let's Call it Off' good.

MV::Groove Amanda 'Get Down'

Disclaimer: Don't watch this video if you are easily offended.

When I first saw Pleix 'Birds' video at ResFest for French band Vitalic, I was blown away. They have this unique style of humor that makes their work beautiful--especially in terms of lighting.

Here is just another example of the Pleix greatness.

Prod.Co: Colonel Blimp
Director: Pleix

Monday, March 19, 2007

Why The Post(s) Are Scarce...

Call it a sabbatical if you must but in reality I'm sorting through the archives of my life to find meaning. Psych.

No, really, I'm working on some applications that has me in sort of a cerebral melt down. As soon as it subsides, i'll be posting regularly.

Thank you. Please check back frequently and coherently.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Accomodations::Sleeping With The Artist

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Gladstone hotel has taken rest and relaxation to more of an artistic side. The entire second floor of the building was used for an exhibition, but the third and fourth floors are a full-fledged hotel with a unique story all to itself. The hotel is a newly renovated Victorian building, 115 years old.
It now has 37 artist-designed hotel rooms and suites that range in style from classical contemporary to the outer reaches of the avant-garde. Christina Zeidler, one of two curators, is also the hotel's manager. All of the decorative elements, and much of the furniture and the lighting were custom created for each room.
If you can't afford to stay here, then at least you can get a little inspiration for your own bedroom setting.


MV::Lady Sovereign "Those Were The Days"

"Lady Sovereign’s new video for Those Were The Days presented Family with a challenge: Sov wanted to do something that showcased her more fashion conscious look and also illustrate the narrative while the directors were focused on getting a more mature performance from their leading lady. Setting the video in a photo booth gave us that confessional angle and also kept the whole thing tight. Doesn’t it look great?"




MV::Tracey Thorn "It's All True"

It's All True

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It took me a couple views to actually get into the groove of this, at first glance, cheesy video. But the more you watch and listen, the more you realize you can’t get enough of the upbeat tempo that is Everything But The Girl. Remember Tracey Thorn sitting in the back of a cab in the 90’s talking about how “the desserts miss the rain”? Yes, well, she’s back whether you like it or not.
So the concept is a pea size Tracey Thorn lost in a world of office drones that bust synchronized dance moves. And all together, the song & dance is fun and a little bit of a guilty pleasure.
The video is directed by Si & Ad over at Academy Films.



MV::Grizzly Bear "Knife"

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Production Company Ghost Robot’s directing collective Encyclopedia Pictura directs this unique video for quirky Brooklyn based indie band, Grizzly Bear.
The video is for their song “Knife” off of their Yellow House album. The video features a blend of images somewhat reminiscent of 70’s style sci-fi flick. Think Planet of The Apes meets Barbarella. The lead character sports a Klingon-style forehead piece and is “toyed” with by mud made monster, all while the rest of the band sinks into quicksand!




Wednesday, March 7, 2007

AIR:Pocket Symphony

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AIR definitely has to be one of my favorite bands of all time. Why? Because their songs have an intense serenity, leaving every listener thinking “How and why do I feel this way when I listen to them?” Maybe the feeling is a desire to live inside their music.
For me: I’ve always sort of pictured floating along their sound waves, which in my mind would be neon colored, sitting atop staring into a cosmic distance. I wouldn’t know where I was going, nor would I have a desire to look back. I would be completely content in my state.
Okay! Snap back to reality please.
AIR has finally released their much-anticipated album, Pocket Symphony. It’s available and brilliant. And…it’s AIR.


::AMAZON: FROM $10.97 & UP

Friday, March 2, 2007

Style::The Sartorialist Captures Parisian Love

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The Sartorialist, also known as Scott Schuman, was in Paris covering all the latest trends and shows for fashion week '07.

Amongst the great photos, he took this one for When I saw it, it gave me butterflies. It's-perfect.

view his entire style blog: ::THE SARTORIALIST

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Nagi Noda (Partizan) directs Scissor Sisters' "She's My Man"

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Nagi Noda has surely created a distinct style for herself with this new video for Scissor Sisters.
It’s comical the way you purposely see people dressed in black who are meant to carry props around as though they’re being thrown! Kind of reminds me of a low-budget martial arts film made in the 80’s, no?


Article::New York Magazine Features Arcade Fire!

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"Arcade Fire opened for U2, performed with David Bowie and David Byrne, and were proclaimed, by Coldplay’s Chris Martin, 'the greatest band in the history of music'..."

Unfortunately, the last show Arcade Fire played was overly under estimated with ticket sales-leaving devoted fans, well, ticket less!
However, with their highly anticipated album, Neon Bible, it’ll be sure to keep their loyal fans loving them more than ever.
New York Magazine just released a brief article in their March issue as well as a shorter version on their website.

Read the article here: ::ARCADE FIRE ARTICLE::
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