Thursday, November 30, 2006

Johnnie Walker Android ad

Great ad for Johnnie Walker

I think this ad reminds me a bit of Steven Spielberg's "Ai" except, this is good.

"In keeping with the scotch company's "Keep Walking" slogan promoting forward motion and progress, this cinematic spot features an exquisitely-rendered android ruminating on the nature of being perfect, and conversely, the nature of being human. The android laments that while he possesses immortality, he'd give it up for the ability to feel, love and despair (and presumably, have a few belts of Johnnie). The kicker in the copy? When the android tells us we lowly humans can also possess immortality - by doing "one great thing".

Agency: BBH, London
Creatives: Steve Robertson, Justin Moore
Producer: Kristin Armstrong
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Dante Ariola

I am curious-Blue, Vilgot Sjöman

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A parallel film to Vilgot Sjöman's controversial I Am Curious-Yellow, I Am Curious-Blue also follows young Lena on her journey of self-discovery. In Blue, Lena confronts issues of religion, sexuality, and the prison system, while at the same time exploring her own personal relationships. Like Yellow, Blue freely traverses the lines between fact and fiction, employing a mix of dramatic and documentary techniques. Criterion is proud to present Vilgot Sjöman's infamous I Am Curious-Blue.

courtesy of:


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Live recording in 5.1 Surround Sound
+ 11 Music Videos
+ short film "When I Found The Knife"
(Region free, PAL.)

Live film from the show in Gothenburg 12th April 2006, visuals by Andreas Nilsson, filmed and edited by Marius Dybwad Brandrud. DVD including all The Knife music videos.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Design book: Josef Muller-Brockmann

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I entered a contest a couple weeks ago to win this book. Basically, whoever came up with the most unique design interview question, would win. Unfortunately, I'm not taking home the prize. My question was "What is your favorite shape found in nature?"...I think the winning questions was "Tell me a story". (think simple)
However, this doesn't mean that I (or you) still can't purchase this awesome design book! (next paycheck!)

About: "The highly modern, reductive style associated with the Swiss design ethic owes its existence in large part to Josef Muller-Brockmann, founder of the tri-lingual journal, "New Graphic Design." Strongly influenced by Contructivism, Muller-Brockmann is best known for his work with posters and signage."

Visit: (books)
Price: $44 & up

Art:Bob London

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A resident and contemporary of East London's forward-thinking art scene, Bob London is an astute observer of the human condition. The Irish-born artist is forever on a quest to survey and explore every last aspect of human existence. From the beautiful to the bizarre, the morose to the mundane, London presents his findings in a variety of haunting and evocative drawings, paintings, and one-of-a-kind customized clothing and accessories.

Defining traits of the elusive and often-mysterious London include his predilection for finely made knit cardigans and his presence as co-curator, alongside Tom Wilmott, at the Flea Pit gallery in Shoreditch. A venerated illustrator in both the UK and the US, London has been commissioned by publications including the LA Times and the Guardian. He has also exhibited his work at the National Portrait Gallery in London, and was recently invited to exhibit as part of an upcoming tribute exhibition, honoring the late, great John Peel.


Courtesy of: Flavorpill

Don't mind if I do

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Absolut Bling-bling metallic holiday pack, one-liter bottle, $25, available in the U.S. at duty-free shops.
For more information, visit

Art:Tsang Kin-Wah at Shu Uemura

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I'm happy to pass on that this artist is getting recognition for his work. His intricate & detailed pieces caught the attention of Shu Uemura, therefore hiring him to design the backdrop for their LA, California location. This will be a permanent installation.

"Combining text with the floral pattern (image) and arranging the text in the form of flowers and plants, which are swirling and running throughout the space, helps to link up their organic force that underneath both Nature and human on one hand, and, on the other, creates different layers of interpretation in which image is the embellishment, the surface while text (foul language) and the emotions attached are the latent and the fundamental. These shouts present in the space but they only appear and exist in one's mind after being discovered and realized."


Monday, November 27, 2006

All I want this holiday is...

If I could have anything my little heart desires this holiday, this is what I would ask for...

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François Truffaut: The Adventures of Antoine Doinel
Price: $99.95

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Only 6 black orchid's exist in the world...Tom Ford own's all of them...

Tom Ford: Limited-Edition Black Orchid Perfume
Price: $600

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Migration wallpaper by Cavern Home

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Christofle Fur-handled silver serving pieces
Price: $265 per piece
Available at Vivre, (800) 411-6515 or

Panasonic-Lost in Chiapas

Being that I'm from Guatemala, I feel some sort of cultural duty to post this. However, I'm not too crazy about it. When it comes to advertising, I'm all about taking out the obvious (i.e an electronics commercial actually showing the capabilities of a device) However, I don't think this commercial did the product any justice. Now I realize the metaphor behind the commercial; showing people something they've never seen before. But even still, the colors were not rich enough and the mood wasn't sincere. I have no desire after this commercial to buy...what is it that they're advertising? Right...a TV.

On the flipside, I enjoy that everyone has their own perspective of what good advertising means.

Agency: Toronto's Bensimon Byrne
Production Co: Soft Citizen/Furlined
Director: Mark Molloy

Thursday, November 23, 2006




Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Burger King - Eat Like Snake

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Burger King

Crispin's cavalcade of craziness for the King continues with this odd spot. Half martial arts flick spoof, half God knows what, the action follows two office workers, one about to tuck into a Triple Whopper. But when the burger-bearing character has to leave the room, his co-worker drops to the floor and proceeds to slither snake-like to the Whopper, dropping his jaw to ridiculous proportions and devouring it whole. Extra points for this weirdfest go to the musical score - a sexy slow jam featuring Barry White's niece singing lyrics such as "Unhinge your jaw."

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami
Executive Creative Director: Andrew Keller
Production Company: House of Usher
Director/DP: Kinka Usher
Executive Producer: Nancy Hacohen
Music: Beacon Street Studios

Thank you 'Boards!

Did you say Sugarcubes?

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While the MWC gather strength and thought after the mindblowing Sugarcubes concert in Reykjavik, and prepare the ammo, we snatched this from the great MOJO who will have a full review in their next issue. And MWC will have a personal account of the concert:

"Sub-zero Reykjavik was the venue for Friday night’s much-heralded Sugarcubes reunion. Playing for the first time in 1992, the Icelandic indie post-punks put on a thrilling show to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their first single Birthday and to raise funds for their non-profit-making label Smekkleysa.

Taking to the Laugardalshöllinn stage, the band’s set spanned the three albums studio they released in their four year recording history –namely 1988’s Life’s Too Good, ‘89’s Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week! and ‘92’s Stick Around For Joy.

Stuart Williams, MOJO’s man-on-the-spot, stated: “It was quite a remarkable set. Two decades on and these songs sound better than ever. Truly timeless. And the on-stage chemistry between Einar Benediktsson and Bjork was something to behold. It’s just a shame that it was a one-off.”

The ‘Cubes’ set list reads as follows:Traitor, Leash Called Love, Deus, Water, Bee, Planet, Shoot Him, Walkabout, Mama, Pump, Regina, A Day Called Zero, Birthday, Coldsweat, Blue Eyed Pop, Motorcrash, and Delicious Demo. Encores consisted of Hit, F*cking in Rhythm & Sorrow and Luftguitar. MOJO understands that the set was also recorded for posterity, although whether it will be released remains unclear.
For more news on Iceland’s most noble and altruistic label, Smekkleysa, visit"


Monday, November 20, 2006

J'aime Hotel Sezz intérieur

Translation: I love Hotel Sezz interior

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Italian based design company, Porro, nominated designer CHRISTOPHE PILLET to create an ultra chic & luxurious setting for Paris Hotel Sezz. His diverse sense of style mixed with optimal lighting & strong textures is being described as "severe and masculine".



Sunday, November 19, 2006


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Trovata and Loomstate Sample Sale
What: Men’s relaxed-fit jeans and women’s skinny styles are now $70.
Why: Hip-huggers for tree huggers. (They’re made from all-organic cotton.)
When: Thurs. & Fri., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sun., noon-5 p.m.
Where: Namaste Showroom, 236 W. 27th St., b/t Seventh & Eighth Aves., 14th flr. (212-242-6530)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Streets - The longest video ever (by Mike Skinner)

THE LONGEST VIDEO EVER is Mike Skinner's farewell song to MTV as we know it. 20 minutes long, "beating" the 13 minutes of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", and showing what you will never again see on MTV: real people with real problems.
MTV now is "MEN's TV", providing tits, asses, cartuning, and bunch of grinning idiots, guiding you through an overkill of rongtones and other "news", where to waste your last bucks. It took them 25 years to buy out all alternatives from MUSICBOX to VIVA, buy out all underground music until you hear it in elevators at walmart and getting rid of all real people, beginning with steve blame, maiken wexo, ray cokes and rob the cameraman and ending with the last thinking individual on earth.
After 25 years MTV kills your brains with more commercials an hour than different videos a day. It's the essence of George Bush and George Orwell, so PROPS TO MIKE SKINNER for holding the mirror!

Friday, November 17, 2006


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I think most can agree that there is something wickidly appealing about drugs,sex & alcohol. Now add some poetry & kick ass set design (not to mention a very attractive cast) and you have CANDY

"the feature helming debut of noted Australian stage director Neil Armfield, is based on the prize-winning novel by Luke Davies and was adapted for the screen by Davies and Armfield. In the film, recent Oscar-nominee Ledger stars as Dan, a charming but reckless young poet who has fallen in love with Candy (Cornish), a beautiful young art student from a comfortable middle-class family who is attracted to the bohemian lifestyle that Dan has long since embraced. In order to get closer to Dan, Candy, whose previous drug use has been casually experimental, starts shooting up. Their passionate relationship then alternates between bursts of ecstatic oblivion and bouts of despair and self-destruction. Hooked as much on heroin as one another, their story becomes a love triangle – a boy, a girl, and a drug."

Now playing:
Angelika Film Center
18 W. Houston Street
New York, NY 10012
11:30am | 1:45pm | 4:15pm | 6:45pm | 9:20pm | 11:50pm

synopsis:courtesy of moviefone

Mobile Art!

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Kustaa Saksi

:Start mobile: is expanding cell phone visual's by creating a site dedicated to the growth & availability of artist work. Now you can buy mini-art for your mobile screen from artists like Shepard Fairey (known for his strategically placed "OBEY" icon throughout the city) as well as artist Kustaa Saksi (art above) among others!

Cost: $1.99

Check out:

Tolerate your morning!!


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This is EXACTLY what Folgers needed! Saatchi & Saatchi team up with The Sweet Shop's, Steve Ayson, bringing to life this slightly creepy take on what an early morning would be like if shiny happy people existed. The outcome-awesome!

Director: Steve Ayson
CD/Writer: Jan Jacobs
VidFX: Puck Murphy @ Perceptual Engineering

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Making of Sony,Bravia:Balls

I'm sure most of you have seen Sony's ever growing, famous "Balls" ad, but here is a sneak at what this commercial actually took to make-250,000 "bouncy" balls...

To see commercial in it's entirety, visit:

Song: FourTet "Everything is Alright"


Tagline: "No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted..."

Dove's self-esteem fund team up with Ogilvy & Mather, and Reginald Pike, creating this :75 spot which is taking the ad world and viewers alike by storm for it's refreshing and bold outlook on what "beauty" actually is..

Director: Yael Staav
Creative Director: Janet Kestin, Nancy Vonk
Music: Vapor

Art:David Choe

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Artwork by David Choe: Courtesy of Flavorpill

Born and raised in Los Angeles, David Choe is of Korean descent, an art school dropout, a hustler, a lover, a thief, a gambler, a world traveler, an artist, and a heartbreaker. Choe traveled to some of the most dangerous places on earth (the Gaza Strip, Congo, Central Africa) before he even hit his 20s, documenting and photographing his journeys in sketchbooks and publishing them in magazines such as Giant Robot and Vice. Choe's first solo show was at a small ice-cream shop on Melrose called Double Rainbow; the exhibition was supposed to run a month but stayed up for two years after his pieces started selling better than the ice cream. In that time, David got fired from his first job and started illustrating children's books. In 1999, Choe put out his self-published, award-winning comic/novella/zine Slow Jams and in 2002 released his art/photo/travel journal Bruised Fruit. His murals can be found on walls from Los Angeles and the Bay Area to the Middle and Far East, as well as inside museums, galleries, and houses from coast to coast.

Check out:
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