Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's All In The Jeans


When Brooke Shields proclaimed that nothing gets between her and her Calvins, the media world went into a tizzy. Who knew that jeans could be so provocative? But in my attempt to find good jeans and hold on to the ones I love with dear life, finding the perfect jean can be a task. And when you do find the right ones, it can really boost ones confidence (I'm probably speaking to the ladies on this one!). Here is my roundup of good jeans, some affordable and some worth the investment.

{Uniqlo $34-$45}
As a petite girl, I can attest that the feat of finding jeans can be that much harder. However, Japanese brand Uniqlo is all about catering to us little gals - and! it's affordable.

{BDG $60-$75}
Available at Urban Outfitters, BDG come in the best shades and washes ever. This brand is definitely about channeling rocker chic.

{7 For All Mankind $100-$250}
This brand definitely starts to teeter on the pricier side, but they're the Volvo of jeans. Reliable, safe, and worth the investment.

{A.P.C. $130-$200}
These are what I like to call no fuss jeans. They're modest, comfortable, and will last a lifetime (or at least two years if you take care of them)

{All Saints $130-$200}
They just opened their first SoHo store, and I fell completely in love with their denim collection. They have particularly flattering white jeans, and that is hard to come by! p.s. they have great online sales, so you can snag some denim for around 40 bucks. You just have to take a chance on fit.

{Acne Jeans $200-$350}
Although I have yet to purchase a pair of Acne jeans, I have popped into their downtown store to try on the luxe denim. Point to shopper: sizes run abnormally small! So if you plan on eating a big ol' slice of pizza after your purchase, also plan on paying that eye doctor bill when your button goes flying off into the cashiers eye.

Hope you guys enjoy these recommendations as much as I did giving them!
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