Wednesday, December 10, 2008


For a director like Jon Leone, it’s surprising to learn that he once worked for Playboy. “I shot and edited video. Trust me, I did not seek that out. A family friend is the Editor-in-Chief and I was bribed. Well, not exactly…but anyway...I was young!”. Leone doesn’t dwell too much on that experience though. Instead, he’s steadily moving forward working with bands like Animal Collective, White Williams, and Ariel Pink.

He recently posted his reel on his JON LEONE website, where music videos for aforementioned bands are featured as well as videos for Beach House, Dungen, Priestbird, a promo for, and a party projection excerpt for The New Yorker. His style is completely independent from current directors whose work revolves around campy and 80s style references. But instead, Leone transcends the literalness of vocals and instead creates moody imagery that is all his own.

Currently unsigned, Leone is working on video projects and shooting independently.


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