Thursday, July 19, 2007


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Fashion stylist Scott Newkirk is featured in the latest issue of NY Magazine (the one with the daunting cover of Eliot Spitzer).
The article discusses Newkirk’s innate fashion sense, not just for clothing, but also for interior design and his architectural innovation.
A home located in Yulan, New York where “There’s no electricity or running water, no TV, no computer. Mr.Newkirk, can slow down, sleep late, and take his daily bath in the nearby brook (weather permitting).” He spends every weekend there in an effort to escape the bustling and more than often, hectic NYC life.
A dream for some and possibly a nightmare for others, it is a segregated home away from home that is completely up my alley!
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Personally, I absolutely love being out in the woods! I agree that it’s not for everyone, but by the look of his chic design, I’ll assume most wouldn’t mind this great escape.
A fave detail: Newkirk’s builder used aged hickory planks to fashion the ladder-like steps that lead up to his bedroom (rawr).


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