Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Downtown Chic by The Novogratz Family

For those who are familiar with the newest Bravo hit show, 9 By Design, know that Robert and Cortney Novogratz, who own the design firm Sixx Design, have a pretty good handle on balancing family life (7 kids!) and a full-time career buying and flipping houses to create ultimate modern interiors.

I first read about the Novogratz family in the NY Times article, Branding the Family, that ran back in 2009, and have followed the 9-some since up to the premiere of their show. I'm totally enamored with their design and life philosophy. The self-proclaimed risk-takers throw themselves into amazing challenges whilst having a sense of humor and a "live you learn" attitude that makes my personal everyday domestic challenges (i.e. plastering holes in my living room!) seem completely minuscule in comparison.

The couple recently released their first book, Downtown Chic, detailing just exactly how they've accomplished their enviable balancing act and give tips as to how you can do it too.

Below are some sneak peek images from the book!


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