Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Film.Music // Blur Documentary, No Distance Left To Run

Blur. Ah, the band that contributed to my development from adolescence to an adolescent who devotedly cared about more than the music, but the whole image that encapsulated it. Now, taking a dose of nostalgia, the new documentary of the band notorious for ups and downs, No Distance Left To Run provides viewers and fans alike an inside look at one of rock and rolls' most influential song makers and what exactly made them so enigmatic.

Below, a snippet from an interview with NDLTR directors, Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, courtesy of Dazed Digital .

Dazed Digital: How did it all come togther?

Dylan Southern: We knew the reunion was on the cards, so we put some ideas together and took them to the management company, and that got us through to the band. That led to a very surreal moment where we walked into the rehearsal studios and they were all sat around waiting for us, which was quite a strange experience. We very awkwardly told them what we wanted to do and I think Damon was a bit apprehensive at first, as he has just been the subject of six years filming for the Gorillaz movie. He sort of talked himself round during the meeting though, because during that first meeting they all got quite nostalgic, and Damon went from being kind of anti the idea to warming to it. Then we got a call two weeks before the first rehearsal saying it was on.

DD: So you were there right at the beginning?

Will Lovelace: They were already rehearsing once a month, their schedules permitting, and they had done few of those. We were there for all the intensive rehearsals and we watched it all unfold. We didn’t want to make something that was after the fact.

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