Friday, August 24, 2007

FILM::2 DAYS IN PARIS, Directed by Julie Delpy

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2 DAYS IN PARIS is the directorial debut for Julie Delpy.
Delpy, best known for her film Before Sunset alongside Ethan Hawke, has proven that she’s more than just a charming French actress with an adorable Parisian accent. It’s in 2 DAYS IN PARIS where she shines and reveals her talent for writing quick-witted dialogue as well as proving her remarkable talent for directing.

The film opens up with a shot of Marion (Delpy) and Jack (played by Adam Goldberg) sleeping in a train car on their way to visit Marion’s parents in Paris. With a voiceover by Delpy, this first scene gives you insight to a relationship that signifies what it’s like to be a couple in the 21st century. She describes the basics of their relationship and how long they’ve been together, but it is throughout the film that you feel the genuine familiarity of a sometimes tumultuous but overall loving relationship.
Jack (Goldberg) is a neurotic interior designer with heavy insecurities about his relationship with Marion. Marion (Delpy) is a crisis conscious photographer who is slowly losing her vision (although it is not the films concentration). Together, they go on a two-day adventure into Marion’s past, where they run into her old lovers and friends that convince Jack to question how well him and Marion really know each other.

Both performances are touching and hilarious--you will literally laugh out loud! With a similarity to a Woody Allen & Diane Keaton relationship, they evoke realness and quirkiness that makes their connection so distinct.
It’s in 2 DAYS IN PARIS that a woman is finally portrayed as not being a girlfriend-of-boy, but instead the man takes on the role boyfriend-of-girl, in which she is the leading character due to her unromantic sensibility and independent attitude; a woman who is not typically devoted to a relationship but instead realistically frightened by the commitment. It’s refreshing outlook. I’m looking forward to what Delpy has in store for us next!


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