Friday, April 23, 2010

Fashion // Très Chic & Earth Friendly


What better way to recognize Earth Week than to highlight fashionable and earth-friendly finds.

"At Matières à Réflexion, in the Haut Marais, the partners Laetitia Azpiroz and Cyrille Railliet transform old leather duds into cool new bags. They first got the idea of giving worn goods new life six years ago during a visit to Africa. Noticing the volume of clothing that was recycled there out of necessity, they brought home the inspiration and added a French touch, creating a collection that now encompasses more than 40 styles. You can commission your own unique piece (A red leather clutch? Pourquoi pas?) or select from soft, seasonal models like the current Flat series, smallish shoulder bags of slightly metallic patinas embellished with chains and tassels, or the more utilitarian UrbanBags, which are made from brown or black leather jackets and patched with denim or army canvas."

SHOP::Matières à réflexion

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