Thursday, December 6, 2007


Platform is back!

After an unplanned sabbatical of sort, Platform is rejuvenated, refreshed, and informed.

In the midst of entering a brand new year, there is an exponential amount of events and news to discuss and post about.

The art scene is growing steadily, with emerging talent rising to fame each and every day.

Musicians are on the verge of recognition, performing at alllll the best locals in town.

Compelling advertisements and music videos are streamed throughout our worlds, making our brand-loyal culture stronger than ever.

And the fashion, design, and film industries are bringing innovative and ever-so aesthetically pleasing material to our attention.

So, if you like to be “in the know” as much as I do, then you will appreciate what will be posted (fingers crossed!)

If not, feedback is always appreciated.

1 comment:

PinkNYC said...

alright! you're back!

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