Friday, September 12, 2008



A million apologies for disappearing on Platform readers during my City-to-City Escape: Thailand. I have so much to update you on! Coming across internet was harder than I'd hoped. And all the information I collected has accumulated to almost unimaginable proportions. But I won't give any more excuses! I need to sift through all my amazing 1000 photos and 70 videos and put together a little capsule of images and visuals for readers and viewers. I'll give you a little taste though: the image above is from an excursion to the great ol' Grand Palace. You know, where the great Emerald Buddha stands? Or rather, sits. You see, my fellow Platform contributor and I were told to "avoid" Grand Palace by all accounts, due to the governmental protests. Being the "safe" travelers that we are, we "accidentally" missed our ferry exit and landed right smack in the center of Old City and the Grand Palace vicinity. It was worth it! Not only did we not run into any protests, we were able to pat ourselves on our backs for being daring enough to take a chance on a monumental experience. I won't say too much because I'd really like to get into great detail about this amazing country and it's beautiful people, who were warm and endlessly accommodating.

With that said, please return next week for a full on recap of my trip to Thailand: Bangkok and Chiang Mai. It'll be worth it - promise!



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