Thursday, November 5, 2009

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Cinema as an art medium can include a wide range of subjects; with that, it also comes with many critics. Often the question: what makes an effective video work? How does it translate to a viewer? Art for the sake of art? Taschen's release of Art Cinema manages to articulate this conversation and extend it to further thought. And despite the inevitable criticism, one can agree that the work is nothing less than striking.

"Debate over cinema’s credibility as an art form is as old as the medium itself, and largely defined in terms of formal, psychological, ideological, social, or auteurist theories. To explore how artists are also using the medium to investigate a wider range of aesthetic issues that are generally related to modern and contemporary art practices, this book is broken down into 10 subgenres, including abstraction, collage, appropriation, post-surrealism, structuralism, duration, parody, and expanded cinema."


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