Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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It’s without notice, that it’s a remarkable feat for a woman to challenge political corruption, for countries that may vie against each other in the war for equality and human rights.
But there is one woman in particular, that has taken on the undeniable issue of political injustice head on and in ways that some may think of as “extreme”.
Her name is Regina Jose Galindo. She is a performance artist and a Guatemalan native of small stature. However, the issues she challenges are without a doubt of gargantuan proportions.
“It’s Regina José Galindo’s own body that is put at risk in Himenoplastia, cut up, gaping, stitched up raw and without anaesthetic.
The subject is very topical. This surgical procedure aimed at reconstructing the hymen so that it gets back its “virginal” condition, which affects a large number of women all over the world. A sign of masculine domination, this act establishes the lie as an authorized practice.”
Regina has released her very first book that is available through the Italian publishing company, Vanilla Edizioni.
The book features graphic details as well as political context of her performances.
I am incredibly proud to have this amazing woman as a cousin. She is inspiring and absolutely unstoppable in her cause, which helps me and hopefully other women alike to pursue and persevere with courage.


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